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About the Game

A hand-drawn, nerd-friendly indie adventure about sustainability in times of magic.

Our nerdventure starts, as so many good stories do, in a basement. After a bold descend along the infamous Stairs of a Thousand Creaks you have finally arrived at the meeting point: The gloomy tavern “Ye Laundromat-3000”, where your friends await you. Eager to set out on an adventure, they invite you to an epic round of “Dice & Doom – an offer you simply can’t resist.

The members of this heroic party:

Short after your party’s arrival in the fictional world of Mirrormore you find out that someone or something is draining all the color from its environment. As you set out to save the once picturesque kingdom from its ominous decline, you’ll face different obstacles and meet curious NPCs like the guerilla quiz show host Sylvester Stallione, the giant sweethearts Bob & Ross and many more. On your search for the root of all evil, you'll encounter puzzles, fight pollution, deforestation and, ultimately, The Boss.

What to expect:

  • a beautiful indie adventure – palm oil and soy free
  • the first vegan carnivorous plant character in gaming history (probably)
  • lovingly hand-crafted dialogs (made by happy elves)
  • fair puzzles (Trudie thinks so, anyway)
  • a seamlessly integrated help system (gnome-tech at its finest)
  • charming pen & paper RPG atmosphere - including skill points and at least one dice roll 
  • native gamepad controls (unicorn approved) 
  • optional mouse control (PC), in case you prefer the traditional point-and-click style
  • nostalgia, humor and exceedingly witty pop-culture references
  • the most villainous flies this side of the rainbow... that side of the rainbow... some side of the rainbow

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Thank you for your interest in our early access preview of "Siebenstreich's Nerdventure", we really appreciate it.

Please note that the downloadable demo only contains a small portion of the game's story and that it's currently only playable with gamepad (any model with 2 thumbsticks, 4 buttons, 2 shoulder buttons and a d-pad should do). The full version of the game will let you choose between the gamepad controls and classic point and click via mouse.

The game is still in development and you can be part of it: If you come across any bugs, please report them to us. We'll be happy to relocate them to a happy-bug-place outside of our game.

If you'd like to help us finish the game, you can support us on Kickstarter.


Siebenstreich's Nerdventure - DEMO 122 MB

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